Natural Makeup Application

Going without makeup is great in theory but doesn’t enhance any of your features. Select an everyday look and learn how to own it with ease or choose a specific look to wear with the perfect outfit for that special event!While applying the makeup, I’ll teach you the techniques and tips so you can achieve the look yourself.

$100 per hour.

Makeup Bag Consultation

Do you know when you should throw out your mascara? When and how to clean your makeup brushes?Let’s go through your makeup bag and toss what’s old and figure out what you might need to complete your look.

$100 per hour.

Update your Do

Is your hair looking drab? Without any shears involved, I will demonstrate and teach you how to achieve a new style – choose from big voluminous curls, smooth straight hair, a salon blow-out or a trendy chignon.

$100 per hour.

Makeup & Hair Style

For the person on the go, I’ll give you a natural makeup application and a new hairstyle so you’ll be ready for that new date, special occasion or night on the town.

$100 per hour.

Wardrobe Styling

Are you unsure on how to create your perfect outfit? Are you ready to take your image to the next level? I’ll help you define your personal style and take your image to the next level. We will shop your closet first and then go shopping, if needed.

$100 per hour.

Seminars (Minimum 4 people)

Make-Up & Skincare 101

Prepping the skin is the most important step before you apply makeup. We will determine your skin type to find out what you should look for in a skincare line. Then, we’ll move on to the steps needed for a basic makeup application. Starting with a blank canvas, we will discuss the correct foundation for your skin type. Moving to the eyes, we’ll determine the best application of eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara for your eye shape. For lips, it’s all about the statement you want to make, and finally we’ll discuss the types of blush you need to complete your look.

$175 for a 2-hour class

Make-Up & Skincare for Teens

Wish your mother had taught you early on the importance of a nightly regimen, how to achieve the natural make-up look, the correct way to apply foundation or avoid blemishes?A great gift for your teenager or for a group of friends.

$175 for the 2- hour class

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