Do You Have a Style Uniform?

Do you have a style uniform? It’s your go-to outfit that is comfortable and makes you feel good. Usually, mine is a blazer, t-shirt and jeans, but lately, it’s been black joggers, a white top… View Post

Get Dad What He Really Wants this Father’s Day

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Tie-Dye is Back Again for Spring 2020

First, let me start off by saying that I haven’t always been a fan of tie-dye clothing. It reminds me of a Grateful Dead concert (even though I never went to one) or dressing up… View Post

Can lipstick really lift your spirits?

I posted a silly picture on Instagram the other day where I posed with a tube of lipstick. It’s funny how something so insignificant as lipstick can really brighten up your day. I put on… View Post

8 Tips to Work from Home in 2020

I hope this post finds you all healthy and safe during this Covid-19 quarantine time. I know that many of you are working from home; so today I am sharing 8 tips that help me… View Post